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Financial Tools

OnCost™ Estimating

  • 3-level OnCost Estimating with Category > Subcategory > Item structure for fully detailed estimates
  • Familiar Excel-like tabbed navigation
  • Default settings for Subcategories - set the Unit, Status, and Markup types for new Subcategories
  • Classification-based markup settings
  • Estimate locks - prevent future editing of the estimate structure, quantities, costs, units and much more
  • Fully customizable tax settings - set local, county and state tax rates on material and service items
  • Custom estimate units - add new unit types
  • Updated dashboard styling
  • Items Database integration - quickly build estimates with improved data entry featuring predictive item selection
  • Redline™ Takeoff integration - build estimates directly from your project plan set

Variation Management

  • Multi-line, itemised Variations
  • Assign tax and markup on a per-line basis
  • Link Variation line items to estimate subcategories
  • Customizable Variation Types and Reasons
  • Variation activity appears in Project & Contact TimeLine™ Activity View
  • Filter Variations by due date, assigned resource, change reason, change type, trade and cost code
  • Export Variations to Excel
  • Integrated with ConstructionOnline Invoicing

ConstructionOnline Invoicing

  • Full-featured, standalone invoicing - no integration required
  • Create invoices from Estimates or Variations
  • Invoice full amount, percentage, or custom amount per line
  • Record and track payments
  • Send invoice emails with custom messages to clients
  • Professional printed invoices and receipts
  • Send invoices and payments to QuickBooks Online
  • Invoicing activity appears in Project & Contact TimeLine™ Activity View

Items Database & Costbooks

  • Centralise company costs with detailed Costbooks
  • Flexible costbook structure featuring folders and subfolders
  • Find items in a snap with powerful search
  • OnCost™ Estimate integration - quickly build estimates with rapid data entry featuring predictive item selection
  • Redline™ Takeoff integration - attach one or more items to your takeoff measurements for super fast estimate creation
  • Coverage rates automatically calculate the quantity needed for purchase based on the takeoff measurement value
  • Set Waste percentages on a per-item basis
  • Archive costbooks so out-of-date costs are not applied
  • Assign resources, enter notes, add specifications, and attach files to costbook items

Client Selections

  • Selection Overage shown on Choice cards
  • Client signatures now appear on approved selections
  • Choice cards show price calculation breakdown, including any tax and markup values
  • Selection Overview report, including vendors, due dates, approval status, locations and more
  • Approved Selections Book - shows all approved selection choices for a project
  • Selection activity appears in Project & Contact TimeLine™ Activity View
  • Integrated with ConstructionOnline Invoicing
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Scheduling & Calendars

OnPlan™ Scheduling

  • Improved performance with 40% faster schedule load times
  • Click and drag Gantt chart navigation
  • Zoom detail levels from Day to Month
  • Availability & conflicts are visible when assigning resources to tasks
  • Undo and Redo schedule edits
  • Copy and paste schedule tasks
  • Bulk edits for multiple schedule tasks - adjust priority, status,  percent complete, trade, color, assigned resources and more
  • Create schedules directly from your estimates with a single click - estimate categories, subcategories and items become schedule groups and tasks automatically
  • Optional automatic predecessor relationships for new tasks
  • Task names and dates now appear in the Gantt chart

Construction Calendars

  • Project names and assigned resources now shown on task bars
  • More detailed information in event popovers, along with direct links to the related feature section in ConstructionOnline
  • Company calendar now filterable by assigned resource, project type, project group, stage, category, office, division, region, trade and cost code
  • Files and photos can be attached directly to calendar events
  • Improved performance, with 50% faster calendar load times
  • Printable calendar agendas - filterable by calendar, schedule, resource, date range and more

Project Tracking

Daily Logs

  • TimeLine™ Activity View - see all logging activity in chronological order, with easy to scan attachments and photos
  • Safety Logs - track on site incidents, violations and training
  • Daily Weather Summaries - see a wrapup of each day’s weather conditions in the TimeLine™ Activity View
  • Logs are filterable by date range, contact, log type trade and cost code
  • See hours from Work Logs in new dashboard and export hours to Excel
  • Daily Logs now available in ClientLink™ portals


  • Checklist Items and Issues are filterable by due date, assigned resource, priority, status, trade and cost code
  • Signatures available for Checklist approval
  • Downloadable Excel templates for Checklist imports
  • Checklists are exportable to Excel
  • Checklist activity appears in Project & Contact TimeLine™ Activity View

Punch Lists

  • Punch List Items and Issues are filterable by due date, assigned resource, priority, status, trade and cost code
  • Signatures available for Punch List approval
  • Downloadable Excel templates for Punch List imports
  • Punch Lists are exportable to Excel
  • Punch List activity appears in Project & Contact TimeLine™ Activity View

To Dos

  • To Dos lists are filterable by due date, assigned resource, priority, type, category, stage, trade and cost code
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Communication Tools


  • Days to Respond™ Mode - set the number of days an approver has to respond by when the previous response is entered.
  • Updated Summary Grid View - see the responders list, the next ball-in-court, response statuses and more.
  • Downloadable Excel templates for Submittal imports
  • Submittals are exportable to Excel
  • Submittals are filterable by due date, recipient, approver, status, trade and cost code
  • Choose to only view your Balls-in-Court
  • Submittal activity appears in Project & Contact TimeLine™ Activity View

Requests for Information

  • RFIs are filterable by due date, author, recipient, assigned resource, complexity, trade and cost code
  • RFI tracking activity appears in Project & Contact TimeLine™ Activity View


  • Company users can now be granted the ability to see all message threads
  • Custom message signatures available for users, including styleable text and hyperlinks
  • Conversation Print - get a hard copy of conversations

Envoy™ Chat

  • New company chat allows instant team-wide communication inside ConstructionOnline via desktop or mobile
  • Create direct chats between one or more users
  • Create project channels to include the project team
  • Private chats
  • Copy and paste urls from ConstructionOnline into Envoy to link directly to specific project areas of interest
  • Attach files and photos to chats

Sales Management

Lead Tracking

  • TimeLine™ Activity View - see all past and future activity for your Leads in a chronological timeline format
  • Lead Notes - add multiple notes to a Lead over time
  • Lead Attachments - files and photos can be attached directly to individual Leads
  • Filter your Leads list by stage, status, source, type, sales rep, quality, probability, related opportunity, office, division and region
  • Lead Stage Pipeline now shows total dollar value per stage
  • Improved Lead Summary reports - now include notes
  • Improved Lead Calendars
  • Leads are now exportable to Excel


  • Redline Takeoff has been added to Opportunities for more accurate bidding calculations
  • Request for Quote now available in Opportunities - generate an RFQ for a vendor based on one or more of the estimate subcategories

Time Tracking

Time Tracking

  • PhotoStream™ View now available in Time Tracking - see any photos added to shifts in chronological order, filterable by date range, employee and project
  • Regular time and overtime breakdown now shown in shift list for easier reference
  • Company Time Totals Report - create a report showing all time charged by company employees for a date range

Contact Management

Contact Management

  • TimeLine™ Activity View - see all past and future activity for your Contacts in a chronological timeline format. The timeline is filterable by feature groups, including Events, Messages, Financials, Communication, Project Tracking and Attachments
  • Contact Details View - see all of a specific contact’s details, including group, trade, category, quality and more
  • Contact Attachments - files and photos can now be attached directly to individual Contacts
  • Additional permission settings now available for ClientLink and TeamLink users

Files & Photos

Files & Photos

  • Improved Sharing Options - share files and photos with anyone with an email address or generate a shareable link
  • Improved photo editing tools for desktop and mobile
  • 360° photo support added
  • ConstructionOnline Drive™ - new desktop application for batch uploading, document editing, schedule imports, and email drag and drop importing

Redline™ Planroom

Redline™ Planroom

  • SmartShot™ Visual Reference Report - includes snapshots of any pins or markups on your plans, along with additional details like notes, assigned resources, cost impacts and more
  • Improved UDAi™ machine learning callout scanning - when new sheets are uploaded to a set, existing callouts are rescanned to establish any new links
  • Improved Google Map importing, including rotation adjustment
  • Standard Scales added to Redline Planroom for more accurate measurement calibrations
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Redline™ Takeoff

Redline™ Takeoff

  • Redesigned from the ground up to provide advanced takeoff capabilities and estimate integration
  • Improved plan upload sequence with UDAi™ machine learning - sheet numbers, names, tags and callouts are scanned automatically
  • New takeoff structure options - create from an existing project estimate, from a template, or from scratch
  • Standard Scales - now available for sheet calibration
  • More takeoff types, including Area, Perimeter, Linear, Pitched Linear, Volume, Count, Stamp Count, Wall Surface Area, Wall Volume and Roof
  • New and improved takeoff tools - including the 90° Polygon tool for accurate area and volume measurements, and Cut tools to remove areas from a measurement shape
  • Contextual toolbar - only shows relevant tools for the takeoff in progress
  • Measurements by Takeoff grid view - see a breakdown of the measurement values per takeoff, with the primary measurement type in bold
  • Items by Takeoff grid view - see a breakdown of the items assigned to takeoffs, along with classifications, units and more

OnCost™ Estimating Takeoff Integration

  • Assign Cost Book items to your takeoffs to create an estimate with a click of a button
  • Define your takeoff structure from an existing project estimate to get seamless cost data imports from Redline Takeoff to OnCost Estimating
  • Assign material and labor costs directly to your takeoffs from comprehensive, customizable Cost Books
  • When assigning Cost Book items to a takeoff, the list of available items are automatically filtered by their Unit of Measure compatibility with that takeoff’s measurement type
  • OnCost estimates now feature a Takeoff tab, so you can easily reference what portions of the estimate include costs imported from takeoff



  • Additional sample Projects and Templates now available
  • Project Summary Report now includes Punch List & Checklist information
  • Jobsite Instructions - new field added to Project Overviews for any site instructions or notes, like parking areas or keycodes
  • Project Tax Settings - tax method, types and rates can now be set at the project level and inherited by the project estimate
  • Project Cost Codes - cost code lists can now be assigned per project so codes can be applied to estimates, tasks, punch list items and more within the project

Support & Success

Support & Success

  • Live Chat now inside ConstructionOnline for direct access to our product experts
  • SmartStart™ Success Program - develop and execute a personalised plan for success with your dedicated Customer Success Manager and benefit from continued, on-demand training
  • Updated Knowledgebase help articles

See for yourself with full access to ConstructionOnline.

Get your 10 day trial of our full set of award-winning tools at no risk.


See for yourself with full access to ConstructionOnline.

Get your 10 day trial of our full set of award-winning tools at no risk.