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Discover the industry's most powerful yet easy-to-use Construction Estimating and Job Costing software. ConstructionOnline allows you to create comprehensive, customisable, and accurate construction estimates.

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Construction estimating & job costing software that will improve productivity and profitability.


Easily create and manage your construction estimates.

Discover the industry's most powerful yet easy-to-use Construction Estimating software, featuring Variations and Selections, professional reports and proposals, and much more.

Easily track project costs, margins, and profits like never before, while keeping your team on the same page. This is exactly why more than 850,000 construction professionals worldwide choose UDA Technologies’ ConstructionOnline


Manage variations in half the time the conventional way takes.

In the fast-paced construction industry, the ability to control variations is important, and with ConstructionOnline Variation Software, you can easily create variations complete with detailed descriptions, added costs, additional time, and optional images and attachments.

Detailed Confirmation Emails in ConstructionOnline Variation Management are sent to all related parties including the contractor, clients, subcontractors, suppliers and anyone else that you add as a related resource to the specific variation.


Integrate client selections for clear communication.

Helping clients make selections and offering product upgrades are two of the main reasons that Client Selections in ConstructionOnline is such a critical part of your system of success.

With Client Selections in ConstructionOnline you can quickly create option sets and upgrades and then provide your clients with a simple web interface using Client Portals in ConstructionOnline


Quickly create proposals, contracts, export to Excel and more.

Win more jobs with professional-looking proposals and contracts, created directly from your ConstructionOnline Construction Estimates. You can also add a custom professional touch to your documents by adding your company logo.

Share your project estimates with anyone by exporting them to Microsoft Excel with a mouse click, and estimate with even greater detail with dynamic 5 Column Estimating. Assign costs for materials, labor, subcontractors, equipment, and more.

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Estimates, variations, and proposals are prepared using ConstructionOnline and saves hours every day on average.

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Use ConstructionOnline to streamline your project management process by bringing your team, tools and data together in one place.

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